Backlog Management

Don't expect this blog to be a daily thing.


Back so soon huh? Well, I just wanted to talk about another thing that wasn’t really related to the first post, mainly, me actually finally beating video games.

So you know how I have those media threads on Twitter? I really have a lot of fun making that thread and it’s one of those things that makes me want to like, actually beat video games. Previously, I used to barely beat games, maybe like, one every couple of years, with my main games being either rouge-likes or Minecraft, but in 2021 I thought, fuck it, I just beat Yakuza LAD and Ikenfell, I should make a thread for stuff I beat in 2021, and then I did that.

Now with almost 40 games beaten last year, I thought I would spice it up by doing something a little more, organized. So I dug out a bunch of shit from the dreaded Backlog™ and go, “Hey, I should actually finish these games, because jesus I have more than 200 games on Steam.” while also throwing in a bunch of games that weren’t on Steam.

This version of the whole backlog clearing out thing was inspired by my friend Steven, who basically said he would only buy up to 5 games this year, and have a little whiteboard for games with their HowLongToBeat times next to it. I mostly followed that as well, while also adding onto it a little, mainly with knocking out the games currently installed on my Gamepass and then unsubbing because I never really used the thing beyond Halo.

I also wanted to keep track of what games I wanted to play, mainly to know how long they would take to beat, while also knowing how far I was with which set of games I actually did beat, but since I didn’t have a whiteboard, but did have a second monitor, I decided to bust out a program that will help me with that, Masterplan.

Picture of my backlog

(UPDATE 8/20/22: I lost this unfortunately, only evidence of it’s existence.)

I also sorted the thing via playtime, that way, it could help me decide on what game to play based on it’s playtime, so if I wanted a long game, I pick from there, or if I was feeling like playing a longer game, I do the same thing, but lower down. I also sorted this list alphabetically after playtime, don’t ask me why, I don’t know either.

But yeah, this is a nice little program and I kinda like the look of it, just popping it back up to tick something off is just a nice experience, I couldn’t really think of how I would do this with something like Trello because that feels a bit too rigid for this type of thing.

But yeah, with this program I’ve been keeping track of my backlog and it’s been going well, hell, this program was made for project management, which I guess managing this backlog kind of is, but kinda not really.

I kinda just wanted to make this little blog post mainly because I really like Masterplan and people should really use it more often, I roped a couple of my friends into using it, so that’s something. I really should use this thing for like, actual project management too, but that will come eventually.

Alright, done with the blog post, don’t expect this to be a daily thing, I just wanted to write a lot about a program I like.