The First Post

Hopefully, the start of something good.


So… this is a new experience for me. I’ve always kinda wanted to do a place to like, document progress of things. Like yeah, I have a Tumblr and a Twitter,but honestly I only use Tumblr to reblog memes, and having blog posts drowned out by hundreds of funny posts kinda makes the thing pointless, even with tags, and Twitter is… Twitter.

But this? I have my own website domain, I know the basics to CSS and HTML, the only thing I can’t really do is be consistent, which I hopefully will try and do with this blog. So what’s there to expect with this thing?

Well, I’ve been thinking this could be a nice place to keep track of progress with me making my things like videos and animation, maybe a couple other miscellaneous things.

I don’t know how consistently I’ll update this thing, but hopefully, when I do update it, it’ll have some progress on a project I’m working on, but when I do actually update it, I’ll also post on Twitter and Tumblr that I actually did update it, and because I don’t know shit about RSS, probably best to follow me on those to know when this thing gets updated.

Speaking of progress, I start college in a couple days, and that’s gonna be annoying because my drive to animate will go down, but tbh even with this month long break, I still really haven’t done much animation. I kind of want to change that, not to the point where I overstress myself working on a passion project and the thing that gets me a job, but at least enough to where I can be comfortable about both things.

I can at least show what I’ve been working on over the month, it’s not much, but hey, I still like it, so that’s nice.

I actually had to reanimate it because I originally animated it in 60fps because I was using video game footage at one point, but then I remembered that I hate animating in 60fps, so I scrapped it and restarted.

It’s very unfinished, it doesn’t have a background, it used it, but I didn’t like it, but man, seeing the little movements is a nice thing ya know? Plus, I’ve animated this scene a bit more since the last time I exported it, so it’s definitely been improved by now.

Ok, I think I’m done with this whole blog post for now, hopefully I do this another time again. In other words, see ya later.