Project Checkup: Week 2

Post Homestuck Day Update


Second week of doing this, it’s the day after Homestuck day and there has been some updates to the things I’ve been working on.


Got World 3 P-Ranked as well as Pig City was just P-Ranked last night. Got Crust Cove done on the 8th, Golf on the 9th Deep Dish 9 on the 10th, and… it took me 2 days to clear out Gnome Forest. Normally, I wouldn’t say my thoughts on a level, but, I just want to share a screenshot of my thoughts on Gnome Forest that I made on the 11th when I was about 2 hours into trying to P-Rank it.

An overly long stream of consciousness rant about Gnome Forest

Should note that the next day I P-Ranked it on my first try, but still, yeah, I think that one might be a spoiler for what’s at the bottom of the list, but idk that might change I still got World 4 and 5.


Working on some concepts for what I want to do with the page when you first load into the site. I’m kind of having doubts if I want to really do it, like, I think I got the aesthetic for what I want to do with the website down, that hasn’t changed, but I think I might drop the different looking homepage and go for something else, but I haven’t decided yet, either way it’s the only thing I was working on this week, I’m gonna start working on what the website proper will look like, which I think I nailed down what I want to do, but I don’t have and concepts yet.


Yeah that’s basically it, I did have an idea for a game this week, but I’m gonna be real I’m trying to hammer that shiny object chasing out of my head. Might start working on it after the website redesign is done, but ehhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know.