Project Checkup: Week 3

Progress in one thing


Spoiler alert but I only really made progress on the Pizza Tower video, website stuff didn’t really progress whatsoever because of other things going on. I’ll talk about those other things since I like it.


Finished up Week 4 and also just today P-Ranked Pizzascare, so I think by the end of the weekend I’ll get started on the script for the video.

I actually moved from taking my notes in notepad to using Scrivener, mainly as a test drive on the software, but also because that txt file was getting a bit too long to scroll through, so breaking it up is nice. So far, I’ve been enjoying using it, might buy it after I’m done with the free trial, but I also might look for a Linux alternative because man, I’ve been getting a hankering to use Linux again, but haven’t because all my video stuff is on Windows and because of my Nomifactory CEu world, which thankfully is almost done, as I got the creative tank n shit.


I actually got a new case this week, I was planning on using some old computer parts I had lying around to build a LAN server for myself, and I needed a case and a hard drive, so I used this as an excuse to get a new computer case for my personal computer, I forgot what my old case was besides the fact that it was made by Phanteks and is a few years old, but other than that idk. My new case is the Fractal Pop Air, specifically the solid black version to reduce the light that emits from my computer, makes sleep better.

The reason I got that one in particular is for two reasons, it was cheap at 80 bucks on newegg, and it has space for a drive bay, which means I can install that bluray drive I had on my computer a few years ago, but had to remove because my old case didn’t have space for it.

It took me all day yesterday to disassemble and reassemble my computer, mainly cause of how annoying it was to disassemble the fucking thing due to how the computer was made by a teenage me who didn’t know shit about building computers (seriously, I had a hhd to ssd tray converter in there because I didn’t notice the ssd tray on the back, and the wiring was complete ass, like, it still is, but less so).

Overall, I’m happy with the purchase and like, my computer is quieter actually too, and I made sure to plug in all the fans, and they’re working, even the extra fans I grabbed from my old computer. It definitely has better airflow compared to my old case.

Also, holy shit the old case was dusty as fuck, I gotta remember to clean that out more often.

What about that old case and parts?

Like I said, I plan on using the old parts to build a LAN server for myself, more specifically, a Minecraft server. Why? Because I’m insane and want to play GregTech: New Horizons.

What am I gonna do with it after I stop playing that pack? idk, either make it a NAS or a web server.


Overall, not much happened this week, was mainly just dealing with life stuff, P-Ranking Pizza Tower, and gregging out. Other than that, not much, I do plan on at least making some progress of the website redesign this week. So hopefully I actually do.