Project Checkup: Week 4

An Actual Site Update


I actually have something about the website redesign this time, so that’s fun.


Things have been going well, got all the levels done, was thinking of P-Ranking the final boss but after 20 minutes of being RNG’d I was like, “nah”. Will probably do that later but honestly I’m good, and it’s not needed for this anyway.

But yeah, every level is ranked and I’ve been writing the script for a bit, I got 5/20 levels done. Writing has been a bit slow, but again, I’m already 1/5th of the way there, so I think in a couple weeks I’ll be done, it’s mainly just like doing other things and also getting through the slump of levels that I don’t particularly want to talk about for one reason or another. Honestly the middle of a list is the hardest to write about because sometimes you just don’t really have much to say.


Managed to get the basic layout of the site prototyped using TailwindCSS. Don’t know if I’ll use it in the final site because I have a lot of early 2000’s ass design stuff I want to do, but as a prototyping tool, I highly recommend it. Don’t know if I’ll have anything for next week, as it’s going to be a lot to get the aesthetic right, but at the very least I have a layout done.

Honestly, that web design class paid off.