Project Checkup: Week 1

Doing a whole lot of reorganizing


God it really has been a couple months since I last updated this blog. Honestly most of it was not figuring out what I wanted to do with this thing cause I don’t really have any good ideas on what to write that could be good for writing only, but I think I found something that I could do.

So starting today and (hopefully) updating every friday will be a project update post detailing things I have been working on, whether it be a new video, animation, or something else that’s not like that. I don’t intend for these to be particularly long, most of these will be short, with some screenshots maybe, but most of it will be just text.

Another reason for this is that I wanted to more streamline what I was actually doing, because I kinda have a habit of making a shit ton of side projects and then not working on anything that I should be working on, but with this I’ve narrowed it down to like, 3 things, 2 videos, and another website redesign.


This isn’t really a formal announcement, cause I have shown off what I’ve been doing with it previously, it’s just that, like the newest video has outlined, with the new model, I decided to remake the first couple scenes I actually finished, no other new models were needed since I was fine with what I have, it was mainly just my fursona that needed a remake. Unfortunately, due to the GregTech addiction, I kinda haven’t made much progress on that, only barely being done with the first scene, and honestly, I don’t see that changing for a while, mainly because I kinda burned out of making it.

Which yeah that makes sense, do the same thing over and over again for 3 years and you’re going to get burned out of it, so instead I have a new, much easier video that I’m making, which will be the next video that I will make, if only because god I need to make something else for a while.

What I can say is that the stuff I have animated is so much better than the old version, like, it’s actually pretty good animation wise. So I can’t wait to get back to making it, I just need some time off from it.

tl;dr: the animation is being put on the back burner for a while and I would want to make another thing for a bit, which is the next thing I’m going to talk about.


Yeah, I played Pizza Tower some months back and yes, I did fall in love it with, it’s just really fucking good, and I was planning on eventually 100% completing the game, P-Ranking everything and getting all the Achievements, but I then kinda fell off of doing that mainly because I moved on to other games, but honestly, I did see some other videos doing this whole ranking thing and I was like “Yeah, I kinda want to do that too”, and with the burnout, put two and two together and bam, I’m back to playing this game again.

I did previously P-Rank all the World 1 Levels, but I didn’t record them, so I did them again, this time recording my attempts to P-Rank the levels, and then jotting down my thoughts about the level after I finish P-Ranking them, so far I’ve done all of World 1 (again) and fully P-Ranked World 2 at the time of writing, and I’ve just P-Ranked the Noise, so I’m working on P-Ranking World 3 right now.

I’m not going to give out my current rankings of levels cause what would be the point of making a video about it if you’re just going to spoil it, but yeah, I’m basically 2/5ths of the way done with the game now.

As for how I’m going to make the video itself, I think I’m going to have some animated bits, but animated like I did in the update video I just did, with the Homestuck-inspired tickback style. And yes, that was inspired by Homestuck, prepare for at least one Homestuck reference per video now ;).


Feels like I redesign this website every couple months, but this time I have a better reason… I actually took a web design class, in college. And yeah, the things going on with this site are kinda… all over the place, a lot of it is hacked together with a lot of mixed aesthetics and tailwind shitting the bed and me having to manually extract the CSS classes that I want from it because of a weird bug that happened, so I’m basically restarting making this site again, this time, it’s not going to be shit, and with a planned aesthetic, like, I’m actually going to put effort into making this site look good instead of having a pretty bland black and white website with 90’s web buttons everywhere.

I’m basically shooting for more of an Early-Mid 2000’s website with picture graphics and stuff, plus a better front page with an aesthetic that I’m still working though, but I think this redesign will help me more land on a style that I want to go with moving forward, not just for my website, but for my youtube channel n shit, I think it’ll be nice and not lazy once I fully pin down what I want to do.


So ends this post, I’ve been getting into the habit of… making habits, and hopefully this will be one of them, I’ve been kinda struggling to do quite literally anything within the past couple years due to being out of high school and not having a schedule, so hopefully, doing something like this will curve that and actually make me like, do things, things that I actually want to do and not just play Minecraft all day (which I like, don’t get me wrong, but I also want to animate n stuff). But yeah, see you next week.