Site Redesign

Hey, this looks different!


Long time no see, Am I right?

Yeah, I didn’t really have much to blog about, but now I do this time, because I overhauled my website! I wanted to redesign my website because honestly, it was kinda bare as hell and doesn’t really have much, mostly, I also wanted to incorporate userboxes and those geocities webbuttons that everyone loved, and I was able to do that hard.

I’m basically going to infodump about me leaning about all of these buttons that I found because I love all of them.


Firstly are the header buttons, those are called “Antipixel” buttons, it’s just kinda nice to find out what those specific buttons are, what font they use (Silkscreen), and how to incorporate them into a website. Since they’re just pngs, I decided to use icons on the left side instead of like, more text, mainly because DataQuests’s button would be too long, but also to give everything a bit of unification, you know?

The next type of buttons are not really buttons, but I made them buttons because I love them so much, and they’re called Userbars! They’re 350x19, which is a bit odd, but hey that works. They also use the “Visitor TT1 BRK” font. I remember seeing these on a nostalgia blog on Tumblr and what they were was stuck in my head for years, it wasn’t until someone on twitter had those on their website as well that I started doing research and quickly I found out what they’re called and the fact that there’s a database that contains many userbars. I didn’t really go with any of them since a lot of them weren’t my thing, were very outdated, and in the case of Ko-Fi and Tumblr, didn’t exist. So I made my own for this site, I really do like the ones I made. I did go with these because honestly I just really love the look of them that I wanted to incorperate them into my site from the beginning, but at the time I didn’t know what they were.

And finally, web buttons! You know what they are, those 88x31 buttons that people loved on geocities and with neocities, have a giant wave of nostalgia behind them, I’m one of those people too, so I also incorporated a couple onto the botton, including my own. Half of the buttons are clickable too, leading to websites (and also my site again).

The Rest of the Pages

Yeah, if you go onto the other pages, you might have noticed that all of them are either under construction or pointless. For now, that’s the case, but I do plan on making a whole page dedicated to DataQuest after I’m done with the first short of the reboot, and with the games page, I’ll update it once I actually make my first game, I don’t want to leave it like that forever.

As for the video page, that one has the explanation there.

So yeah, I’m happy with how this went, I hope to improve the site later with more pages, but for now, I think I’m done coding in HTML and CSS for a bit, it does get tiring after a while.