Big Computer Refresh

And how I burned out on my Linux Hyperfixation


Damn, by the time I write this, it’s like 6 more days until the first year anniversary of my blog. That’s… interesting to think about, but I think I’ll save my thoughts about that for a potential retrospective that I might do or don’t do… idk.

Either way, something else big happened between posts, mainly, that I refreshed my computer after like, several years. The install of Windows that was part of this computer lasted several years and a hard drive to ssd transfer, and honestly I kinda wanted to talk about why that happened. It also kinda caused me to come back to Windows, after giving me some perspective on some things. Also, I swapped out my Graphics Card from Nvidia to AMD, but I’ll get to that later.

The Software Refresh

Why the refresh was needed.

It all started around a few months ago, pretty much since I started using Linux, and the biggest problem of duel booting crept to the surface, lack of storage.

Now, I have a 2TB SSD, it’s no slouch, but dear GOD the space on it just was consumed by video games. Yeah, when you play video games, those fuckers fill up your drive hard. Couple that with several years worth of appdata n shit in Windows 10 and it lead to my just not having space whatsoever to really do stuff. Worst time was when I was installing UE5 and it took 200GB to compile and I just did not have any space for that shit whatsoever. Had to uninstall so many games cause of that. It quickly lead me to basically going “Ok, I really need to get a new drive.”

So a couple months pass and it’s december, and that’s when I usually get a lot of money that I use for computer stuff cause I have no job. Anyway, get around 600 bucks, use that for both the AMD card and a 2TB M.2 drive that would work with my computer.

Quick thing on the GPU

I wanted to try out Wayland but Wayland sucks on Nvidia cards. Also for some reason a random driver update just broke XOrg and it only worked with going to an old package, but that was more temporary, with the more permanent solution being the said refresh. Plus Nvidia being kinda shitty with their price gouging for high end cards basically meant that I jumped to the AMD train hard.

The Refresh

This time, I was going to do things a bit differently, I was going to use Windows 11 instead of 10. Mainly because like, eh.

From the time I’ve used Windows 11, with both my laptop and this refresh, it’s basically just Windows 10 but with some shit changed. I still ran shit like ThisIsWin11 to disable a lot of shit, broke my mic for a bit because of applications needing to access it, but that was fixed. More importantly, the privacy shit was as fixed up as I could make it.

But yeah honestly why I did the upgrade was more future proofing than anything, shit’s moving along to 11 and at this point it’s probably just better to be updated on this stuff instead of just kinda… staying on something that’ll eventually die within a couple years.

The thing I was excited about was what I was going to do for my Linux distro. I was going to try out Base Arch Linux. I probably wasn’t going to use it because god that would be a pain in the ass, but it would be neat to try it out on bare metal. I loaded it up and immediately stopped because I had no idea what I was doing with modifying my partitions. Mainly like, setting it up for duel booting. Thankfully, I thought ahead on this and just used the EndeavourOS usb I also made to just install that instead, which I did.

First thing I did was install everything I wanted to install on Windows, which was easy, just a bunch of downloading. Only real trouble was ShareX just kinda breaking for no reason, but I think a restart fixed that.

When I got to Linux, I was ricing it the fuck out, getting Catppuccin to be basically the color scheme I used all the time, setting up KDE as a backup, installing Hyprland as my Wayland compositor, installing the other programming shit I wanted to do, setting up steam, downloading my games to my now freed up SSD.

It was going well, but then it just kinda dawned on me… I didn’t really have anything to do with video editing with this. Sure, I installed a lot of Adobe shit on Windows cause why not I have that, but for Linux? It’s just programming, and like, I like programming, but I like making videos more, and the programming I wanted to do was prototyping an RPG using RPG Maker MZ, which doesn’t work very well on Linux.

The Burnout

I just kept thinking about it and like, yeah I think I just din’t want to use Linux right now. I still love Linux and want to use it over Windows, but the shit I want to do right now can’t really be done well on Linux, trust me, I tried. Seriously what the fuck was going on with Kdenlive my god KDE.

But yeah, Linux kinda was lost on me for the simple reason of just wanting to do something that, for once, isn’t good on Linux. I want to use Linux, but I don’t really have a motivation to do so right now because I want to video edit, and let’s be real, I’m kinda trapped in the Adobe ecosystem, so until that comes to Linux really good, I’m probably not coming back until like, I really want to program in rust or something.

I’m sure I’ll come back eventually, but honestly, right now, I’m just kinda burnt out and just want to use a thing that has the things I want on it, which unfortunately, is Windows.

(Plus there was like, a lot of games I want to play that don’t work on Linux due to either anti-cheat or random technical shit, even with GE-Proton, that I’m just like “Fuck it, I’m not switching OSes constantly for playing video games.“)

I really do hope that the situation improves for Linux, but for now, I’m gonna set down my… wow 6 months of using Linux, and just kinda wait it out. Hell, maybe eventually that spark will come back later than I expect, but for now, I really don’t want any interruptions when making videos.